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Environmental Navigator
This product presents a revolutionary simplification working with marine waste-regulations at sea.
Its the first of its kind!
There are lots of regulations, national and international, concerning waste at sea for a ship-crew to deal with. These regulations are connected to your position at sea.

With this system on board you get a live update of these regulations (IMO and MARPOL), graphically visualized on the bridge or the engine controll room at the current position.The system can be connected to the operation of the overboard valve when crossing the 12nm border or to the sewage plant, incinerator, OWS, ODME etc.00

The first system was shown in Germany in September 2010. Since then, the EnviroPilot has developed through constant and intense examinations, on all levels, into a winning formula.

MarinePosition AB has developed and designed this product for the shipping industry. This is a system that makes your job easier on board, is economically sound and protects the environment. This is the most cost efficient way to minimize the risk of faulty discharge.

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